My name is Ms. Terrie LaRae'

My greatest accomplishment was surviving myself!

 As a PTSD survivor, I am passionate, thankful, and grateful to assist others with treatment to overcome "TRAUMA." Throughout years of service in the U.S. Army, being a full-time single mother and managing life.  The effects of years of ongoing trauma caused me to become a prisoner of my own home for years. Determination and support have given me the willpower to accomplish my educational goals as well as get certified and trained in the area of Holistic Therapy Treatment. I am a Social Entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve healing and wholeness through holistic healing modalities. 

I feel it is important to mention that I have had this desire to help others for years. It has taken me 25 years to complete my educational goals. I am glad because, during these years of reflection, I had time to understand that I needed these life experiences so that I could get the healing and understand that we all have areas of trauma that we carry around throughout our lives until we are ready to heal. 


Holistic wellness looks at health as much more than just the health of the body.  Holistic health will use many different holistic health techniques to assist a person in all areas of life. 

Focusing on the mind, body, soul, and spirit — because healing involves all parts of your being. Here, you go beyond just learning techniques for remedying symptoms. You’ll learn how to connect with your authentic self and rediscover life’s joys.  



Holistic treatment is a form of healing that considers every area of a person’s life. In medicine, holistic therapies are characterized by healing the whole person. They account for an individual’s body, mind, emotions, spirit, and various other factors to help them achieve optimal wellness. 

The goal of holistic treatment is to help people find proper balance in their life. The belief is that although a person is made up of different parts, each element is interdependent. If one area of your life is not working properly, then all the other parts are affected. This concept means any imbalance — physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual — can impact your overall health.

 The term holistic treatment is a broad category that includes a wide array of therapeutic techniques designed to help people achieve optimal wellness. Today, holistic treatments are used with various medical practices to help people find and achieve their individual health goals, including general health and wellness, mental and emotional health, and therapeutic modalities.

I can be reached by email at:


I do an intake with each client and asses the area of concern with a plan of action. 

I look forward to engaging each client through the healing process of Self-Love and self-discovery.